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At Publix, I can plan my menus around what produce is on sale since their produce always looks good and at Walmart I used to just have to just buy what looked decent and plan around that.I think it would be a good idea for you to take the specific items you buy and do the same comparison, assuming you buy according to the sale cycles if they apply at grocery stores and use what coupons you may have at both places.I would rather drive to a handful of stores on the same street in my area and have better customer service.Could not believe the insane trip I had, so many people no casiers and I did not save as much as I had planned.But if you really want to save money, the grocery stores are the way to go.My husband was doubtful when I first started buying newspapers and printing coupons.

Publix Has Had It With Your Extreme Couponing - Consumerist

They always have great prices on dairy and fruits and veggies.

Publix deals: Beef franks, Quaker bars, SuperPretzel

I would find the wait in line to check out took as long as the shopping itself at the supercenter among other annoyances.She has always thought that I was a little crazy for buying my grociers the way that I have for the past year and a half (thanks to Jenny) and now she has decided to start couponing and making the drive to Publix as well.Everytime I have handed one to a cashier they act like I am handing them monopoly money.I am able to do the same thing, go to several different stores because all these stores are on the same street within minutes of each other. i have been able to be quite efficient at my shopping and saving because of this advantage.Do as you please and if you believe that Walmart is the better way to go for your family and their specific needs then I say that you should just stick with what you know.And my supercenter does price matching, so if you take the ad in and you have your coupon, often you can get the same price.

I wait until they run their sales with the RR or the ECB, and combine that with my coupons, and the savings are great.

Revised PUBLIX Coupon policy, issued 10/1/14- Publix Deals

I took all of the on-sale items at Publix and Bi-Lo and went into my local supercenter to look at how their prices matched up.My local Kroger is wonderful, as well as my Walgreens and CVS:-).Anyway, it is their marketing strategy for you to buy other stuff.I used to think that shopping there was the only way I could get remotely close to our very lean budget, now I shop Publix, Winn Dixie, CVS and Walgreens using Walmart for only an occasional emergency item.Ive been doing coupons now for a year and let me say I LOVE PUBLIX.Almost everything else (vitamins, shampoo, canned goods, coffee, etc) has been national brand ever since.I think weve become spoiled by them and too trusting of them always being the cheapest.

There are plenty of people willing to pay a little more for groceries in exchange for top notch service.They would have 2 registers open with employees standing around talking while the lines were 20 or so customers deep.It does require a different mindset and long-term planning, so maybe that is the glaring difference.I pretty much go to the same WM and became very familiar with their prices.I pick up the sale deals at FL but just about get my fresh and frozen produce at Walmart.

Disclosure: the post below may contain affiliate links. Here are some of the posts that may help you in your coupon journey.I realize that is my problem, but I save more when I go with my list to the local Publix.I shop Winn Dixie and if I shopped like I used to at walmart (make a list of what I want and buy) I would pay more.And not to mention yet again the bread I pick up off the shelf isnt expiring the very next day.I pulled items from your list that were similar to what I purchased in the last couple of weeks and attached the prices.Of course now I mostly shop Kroger with coupons and fill in around the edges with Aldi.For accurate data, you need to randomly select 50 or so name brand items without coupons and compare at the 3 stores regardless of what sale is going on.

I have learned the items that do not go on sale at Publix so I will head to WM or Target and stock up there.I go after work on the first day of the deal and this always happens.I liked them, but they seemed to be limited, and have an expensive membership.I only worry about what applies to my situation and I am not worried about your list.

I have even had one of their clerks run back into the store and take care of a refund when I was charged for too many items while I sat in the car with my kids.I know the total is higher but that does not mean that EVERY item is less expensive at Publix.They will not price match B1G1 deals either and good luck trying to get them to price match meat sales.

I too used to shop at Walmart, but after doing SS it really does not benefit me to do so.I prefer to shop at Publix over Wal-Mart for three reasons that have nothing to do with sales or coupons.It really just depends on what items you use and what stores are in your area.

You do the hard work for me so I always know where and how to find the lowest prices.I will buy those sale items that I have really great coupons for and add those to my stockpile.And you could basically tell who was buying for household consumption versus who was stocking a business.I also found that the grocery stores and drug stores could not beat their price on diapers and formula. (Luvs and enfamil).Our food tax is 8.25% for unprepared foods and 9.25% for deli, etc prepared foods.

Well for instance, there is no reason to pay 2.08 for a box of cereal.I usually stick to Publix but decided to go here after the 1st Wal-Mart posting.